Get in the mood for spring with some 2017 interior trends

Get in the mood for spring with some 2017 interior trends

Spring is coming and with it brings a fresh start and an exciting time for interior design.

For 2017 there are some great trends set to come our way but go with your instinct. Don’t simply redecorate to keep on-trend, rather choose rooms that call for more attention and go from there.

Wood panelling is going to see a full revival this spring and will be moving far from the deep, dark, timber clad drawing rooms of yesteryear. Instead, the wood panelling will be in tile form and will feature all manors of colours and grain textures, from light greys to dark orange hues. Because of the durability and versatility of the tiles that the patterns will be printed on, you are sure to see them everywhere, from bathrooms to kitchens, hallways in fact anywhere in the home.

Copper, while it was good for a while, this shiny material should be left behind in 2016. This year we will see a move from high sheen materials to ones that incorporate more texture. The deepness of brass can work magnificently on smooth surfaces such as marble, which is pretty much always in fashion.

Mixing and matching unusual patterns in textures on things like throws and cushions will be used all over the place, from bedrooms to livings rooms. This direction in design has been developing for a while, following a move from strict controlling layouts, to more attractive and comforting interiors. Sharing this idea will be quilted effect items, such as cushioned upholstery and quilted headboards.

Lighting has been an integral interior design focus for many years, and in spring 2017 it is only getting bigger, brighter, and more exciting. There will be lighting designs and fixtures for literally every nook and cranny of the home, so think about the lighting in your home as an accessory to accentuate areas of interest and to artistically light centrepieces that want to make a statement.

Spring 2017 will see a turn for the interior design industry, with things moving away from mass production of products and opting more for authentic originality.