Who are Targetti?

Who are Targetti?

Targetti are a company predominantly based in Italy who started in 1928 and since then have been designing and producing architectural light fixtures for indoor and outdoor use, working internationally with the aim to contribute to the quality of every project with their products.

Their mission; to commit to developing lighting solution that can really assist in improving efficiency and comfort to the environments we all live in. They have the ability to construe light passionately and intelligently, which is what makes up their style. They feel innovation and research are of great importance as well as lights unique ability to create excitement and inspiration.

Perfect light control and extreme attention to aesthetic detail are values that the company holds dear and they are expressed through every product they produce

Catering for designers by providing flexible solutions that can meet the needs of even the most complex functional and aesthetic requirements and because of the experience and skills they have acquired, paired with their widespread international presence makes them able to provide those solutions quickly and accurately.

Making partnerships around the globe with various lighting designers and architects has given rise to many projects that are able to highlight the versatile application of their lighting fixtures and Targetti products are now discreetly integrated in to every architectural context from entertainment venues to places of worship.

All of this is what has lead to them receiving two significant awards in 2016.

Web Awards 2016 – An important international contest in the digital communications field

In recognition for their excellent and original work, Targetti received the award for Outstanding Website and surpassed the average score in the category, as well as the average score given to all sites that had been put forward for the award.

DARC Awards 2016 – The international Oscars for the architectural and decorative lighting world

Targetti received prizes in two separate categories:

For the KTH Square project which was designed for the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Light Art
For Color Wheels, an installation which was the result of the creative flair of lighting designers Alessandra Stratimirovic and Athanassios Danilof.