Why choose LED Lights?

Why choose LED Lights?

Technology for domestic lighting has been progressing rapidly over recent years and has started to become an essential component of the advancing world and its LED lighting that is at the head of trending lighting technology.

Thought the technology has been around for many years, it has only recently been utilised towards providing solutions for in home lighting.

While there are loads of reasons to choose LED lights over the traditional filament and halogen ones, below are some of the best ones to take into consideration.

They are much more efficient
Your average incandescent light bulb will only use about 20% of the electric current to produce their light and will actual waste the other 80%, whereas LED’s use 80% - 90% of the electric current to produce their light.

They stay working for longer
An incandescent light bulbs average lifespan is approximately only 1,200 hours and a CFL bulbs is around 8,000 hours. A modern LED bulb though will have up to 50,000 hours behind its belt and even possibly more, making LED bulbs a sound investment that will provide illumination for potentially many years.

They are safer
Unlike other bulbs, LED’s do not contain any heavy metals such as mercury or any other toxic materials and they also do not produce any UV radiation which can be damaging and also means no heat, which is why it is known as cold lighting.

They impact the environment much less
Electricity is produced mainly by burning fossil fuels and if you’re using more electric you’re doing more to harm the environment, so using less electric is pivotal in aiding the environment and LED use much less than conventional bulbs so are much better for reducing your carbon footprint.

They will reduce your power usage
Not only a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, because of an LED’s superior efficiency they will reduce your energy consumption significantly and in turn your electricity bills and because of their longer life spans it means that they need changing less which will also save on money and this particularly applies in a commercial environment where the cost to change can be high and inconvenient.

They are lot more flexible
LED’s can create many colours using a protocol called RGB (red, green & blue) and through combining the R, G & B creates the other spectrum colours.

Using a Lighting Management System (LMS) such as Casambi home and business automation is easily achieved allowing LED’s to be dimmed and colour change controlled remotely creating many possibilities that the incandescent and CFL bulbs just don’t.

There you have it some good reasons to start investing in LED lighting, it’s the most recent advancement in lighting technology and it is predicted that LEDs will eventually completely replace all other alternative types of lighting in the not so distant future.