Interior Lighting Tips – Improve the feel of your spaces

Interior Lighting Tips – Improve the feel of your spaces

Decent lighting can make or break a room’s ambience, so getting it right is crucial.

Every room will require various types of lighting: ambient or background lighting, accent lighting for highlighting or task lighting for close-up work. There is nothing that can make a room feel dated and uninviting than bad lighting, but the atmosphere of a place can almost always be improved with an update and an improvement on the lighting.

1. Spotlights can be used to make a feature of your prize possessions or architectural details in the room; it can also be interesting to use them in the corners of a room, where the light wouldn’t usually come from.

Installing two switches to put spotlights and ceiling lights on separate circuits, allow you to control each independently and adjust accordingly to create different moods.

2. Down lighting; loved by some hated by others, like everything if used in its correct place it can be extremely useful. Rooms that have good-sized windows will receive plenty of natural light during the day, but when that light goes away in the evening downlighters can aid in creating a soft overall glow, adding ambience. This process can be useful and works particularly well for reception or dining spaces.

3. Lighting can be considered one of the most important aspects of a dining room. Lighting in this room should be subtle, yet glistening. Bright overhead lighting apart from chandeliers is wrong for this space, and even a chandelier should be installed with a dimmer switch to allow you to be able to experiment with different levels of brightness for different occasions.

For example, if the lighting isn’t enough people may not be able to see what they are trying to eat, while if the lighting is too much, it can ruin the atmosphere.

4. Wanting to get different levels of light, you can achieve this with table lamps and wall/picture lights. This type of indirect lighting is an interesting way of creating the atmosphere in a room.

5. One of those areas that will often be overlooked is the staircase. Staircases will be built around awkward angles, so spotlights coming from the ceiling can create areas of light and shadows in places which can be unsafe. By fitting directional lighting at floor level, such as LED strip lights, this can be avoided, and it will create a more evenly distributed and indirect light.