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LAMP UK was founded in 2015 and now works on lighting projects throughout Europe from large scale commercial designs to private client projects on contemporary houses and period properties.

Our chosen product partner is Florence based TARGETTI Group, who have been designing and producing interior and exterior architectural lighting products since 1928.

LAMP UK pride ourselves on our ability to interpret light intelligently and passionately. We place great importance on innovation and research, as well as the unique ability of light to excite and inspire with emphasis on our signature style of less is more. We passionately believe energy efficiency should compliment great design and the majority of our lighting solutions are based on LED technology.

The primary role of our lighting designer is to select the right choice of light in order to meet the objectives of a project, client or customer brief. This may be creating the perfect atmosphere or ambience, the need for practical functional lighting or, the introduction of smart automated technology to make life simpler.

Through the design process, we believe creativity should never be quashed, though it should be managed and guided in the right direction. For that reason, we follow a specific Plan of Work: its linear process gives us the freedom to become fully immersed in new lighting design ideas whilst simultaneously keeping us in check and ensuring we are constantly benchmarking our ideas against the brief, budget and programme.

This process also supports one of our most important founding principles - collaboration.

LAMP UK have a specific design process with multiple stages where we stop, take stock and ask for input, ideas and feedback from all those involved in the project – architects, interior designers, engineers and clients alike.

How it Works:

Consultation and Design

The primary role of our lighting designer is to select the right choice of light in order to meet the objectives of a project, client or customer brief. This may be creating the perfect atmosphere or ambience, the need for practical or functional lighting or, the introduction of smart energy managing automated technology.

Plans and Specification

When the design brief is agreed, the lighting design team will prepare a full set of lighting plans, a specification and detailed budget. The specification would detail all the light fittings, lamps, transformers, drivers and controls. Unless otherwise requested, we work with our extensive collection of lighting fittings produced by Targetti Duralamp, designed and manufactured in the Florence Italy. The specification and plans include full technical information of what is required on a zone-by-zone, circuit-by-circuit basis. They detail the exact location of all the lighting fittings, the type of lamps, engines and lenses used as well as transformer/driver and control details. During this part of the process, we would expect to work closely with your electrical contractor and be on hand to respond to any queries they may have regarding the design. This process would generally include site visits during the first & second fix stages. We will continue to co-ordinate with the rest of the design team to incorporate changes and design revisions.

Order management and delivery

At the appropriate time, our experienced Customer Services team will take your order and answer any technical questions you may have to ensure a smooth installation. All orders are processed through our Distribution Centre according to the installation schedule and ensuring ease of installation on site. Larger scale projects have full end-to-end logistics support under personalised management supervision.


We work with a number of specialist electrical contractors and would be happy to recommend one of our approved electrical installation specialists in your area who would be familiar with our design process, lighting fittings and installation quality requirements.

Commissioning, Maintenance and Aftercare

Commissioning a lighting scheme is an integral part of the lighting design process to ensure the lighting installation is as designed, ensure all lamps and lenses are used to best advantage and help set up a control system if installed. Aftercare and ongoing maintenance of our products is essential and LAMP UK will be on hand to service the supply of any future additional product requirements.

If you would like to arrange a lighting design appointment or for further information, please contact LAMP UK on telephone +44 (0) 1785 811222 or email your question to sales@lampuk.com

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