The lighting designer, this unknown.

In a series of webinars, three architects and lighting designers in an informal dialogue tell about their professional choice, that of working with light.

Sharing their experience, each in a specific field, three of the most renowned Italian lighting designers talk to other architects to illustrate how light is a fundamental element for their profession and how much a careful design of light strongly contributes in reading any architecture.

Through some case histories, the results obtained with a conscious use of lighting will be shared, projects in which architects and lighting designers have not acted as opposing professional figures, but rather complementary to each other. The design of light is a complex activity that requires the contribution of a work team: on one hand the light professional who provides the tools to understand how lighting deeply influences the perception of an architecture, on the other the architect who consciously makes his choices as director of the project.

The common goal for the team is the architecture as a whole; the way it will be experienced and perceived.

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