Project -
Dermalogica Flagship Store, London

  • YEAR: 2017
  • ARCHITECT: Limeblue
  • SITE: London - United Kingdom

Project Details

Dermalogica is a global cosmetics brand specializing in skin health. The architect team that developed the design of their new flagship store in London was looking for a lighting concept that could combine a retail experience and a multi-sensory environment. The choice of Targetti fixtures was fundamental to meet all their needs while perfectly shaping the mood they wanted.

A contemporary design, marked by white and copper tones, gives character to the retail area. By contrast, darker shades of lilac and dark grey accompany the client in the treatment rooms and the relaxation area located on the lower ground floor.

The illumination emphasises each area of the store and plays a crucial role in differentiating and highlighting each function.

Groups of PANTHEON 400 and BEBOP pendants, suspended at various heights, highlight the “Skin Bars”, the work stations and the “Micro Zone” treatment areas. The lighting of the “Skin Bars” is further enriched by CCTLED ARCHITECTURAL recessed projectors equipped with special dichroic filters to enhance skin tones. The result is a very neutral, delicate, warm light that reduces green components and enhances red tones. CCTLED ARCHITECTURAL Mini are used to light the lateral shelves.

The concept adopted in the treatment rooms and the relaxation area is in harmony with the ground floor. Each area is individually controllable, allowing therapists to create the level of illumination required for the many available treatments.

A relaxed general lighting, combined with the use of accent lights to show up the main areas, naturally blends with the modern and harmonious design of the whole environment and leads the customer through a real sensorial experience.

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